Keepsake Video Samples

The Wedding of Alma & Michael

This short wedding highlights was produced using Video and Stills mixed with special music requested by the Bride & Groom. This Version is 18 minutes taken from the Full length 48 minute version.

Emma & Lylah's Princess Birthday

This short 4:53-minute video showcases a joint birthday celebration for two adorable sisters. It combines still photography with music specifically chosen by the girls.

The Miracle of Child Birth

A young couple asked us to capture the birth of their first child. The Videos was shot tastefully with the cooperation of

St. Joseph's Women Hospital. The video was then edited and shared with family & friends via social media.

Erin & Eric's Engagement Party

This short 2 minute highlights video is edited down from the 23 minute complete version. It celebrates the engagement of a young couple at a party in their honor. It was produced in a square format for better Facebook viewing.

A Babies First Year Celebrated

This tribute video was created for a child's 1st Birthday Party. Comprised of photos celebrating the special moments from birth to her 1st birthday party. it was shared by her parents on social media for friends and family to enjoy.

Fun at The Ultimate Stunt Circus

Family Fun remembered while watching the Ultimate Stunt Circus. This video was edited using custom music to promote the various circus acts. Thrills and excitement for the whole family. 

Shetland Sheepdog Party

This video was created for HIMARK SHELTIES FRIENDS & FAMILY Facebook page. It contains highlights from a "PAWS" Christmas Party. The party was for 44 Shetland Sheepdog owners and their beloved pets. It was put together using a mix of video and still photos mixed with graphics and Christmas music.

A Dog's Love - A Poem

This video features Love Poems for and about the special relationship between a dog and his owner. The video was shot at a PAWS Valentine's party with over 45 dogs attending.

Fun!!! at Titans Martial Arts
This video was produced for Facebook posting. It features Tiny Titans demonstrating their Martial Arts abilities to their parents and instructors on Titans monthly student testing night. Music and video effects were added.

The Wedding of Alicia & Stephen

This is a 14-minute wedding highlights video,

edited down from a 47-minute

complete version. It combines video,

amateur and professional still photography

and music specifically chosen by the couple.

Business & Fundraising Videos

Boy's & Girl's Clubs

This video was produced to help raise funds for The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Florida Suncoast. Featuring footage of real life counselors and kids in the program,  It contains video footage and interviews, mixed with professional voice-over narration and music.

Meals On Wheels Fundraiser

This video was produced to help raise funds for Meals On Wheels of Tampa Bay, Florida. Featuring footage of actual volunteers and clients of the program, It contains video footage mixed with professional voice-over narration and music.

YoungLife - Tampa, FL
This video was produced to raises funds and community awareness for the Young Life program in Tampa, FL. It feature interviews with teens, parents and community leaders participating in the program. This important program helps quide teens through Christian fellowship during the turbulent high school years and beyond.
Metropolitan Ministries - Tampa, FL
This video was produced to raise funds and community awareness for Metropolitan Ministries. This non-profit organization supports and rehabilitates Tampa Bay's homeless, underprivileged, single parents in need and those with addiction problems. It features interviews with program recipients and program leaders. It also includes professional voice-over narration and music.
Lions Eye Institute - Tampa, FL
This video was produced to raise fund and community awareness for the Lions Eye Institute. This non-profit organization conducts cutting edge cornea replacement research and solicits cornea transplant organ donations. it feature a look at their headquarters in Tampa, FL, and includes interviews with their patients and staff. It also includes professional voice-over narration and music.
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